FRIENDS is out now!
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It’s here! My new single FRIENDS is out NOW on all platforms incl. iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify (soon!) and available in physical CD format at &
Music Video coming soon!
I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who pre-ordered CDs from either my website, BandCamp or BigCartel. It is always awesome to see the support of something I hadn’t shown a lot of until today. Hope you enjoy the CDs… and the B-Side!
Another big THANK YOU to YOU who is listening to this and watching my lyric video right now, I really hope you enjoy the new song and if you are digging it then please, share it with your friends (oh, buzzword!), post it on your Facebook, Tweet it out to your followers or Pin it on your Pinterest boards, whatever you do… I cannot thank you enough for the support.
I will be filming a music video for this and if you have subscribed already then it’ll pop up in your youtube subscriptions timeline soon enough to watch it first!
If you would like to listen to the B-Side called SEE YOU AROUND then you can do so on all the digital music sites or streaming services about, whether be iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc. Let me know what you think if you head over and listen to it!
Without rambling too much, I’ll end with another… and I really mean it, THANK YOU.

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