Posts for 28/09/2016
I'm a huge blink-182 fan

It’s no secret that I am a huge blink-182 fan and so a lot of my recent covers on my

Green Day – Still Breathing

I post a regular covers on YouTube now. I really enjoy trying out new arrangements or keys or ways of playing

Twenty One Pilots – Acoustic Covers

Hi everyone, Lucas here! I’ve put all my Twenty One Pilots covers into a YouTube playlist for you to check

Pop Punk Goes Acoustic!

Hey everyone, Lucas here! I am a huge pop-punk fan so naturally I have a fair few acoustic covers of

Green Day – Acoustic Covers

Hey everyone, Lucas here! I have a few Green Day covers I’d like to share with you! 🙂 I’ve put

blink-182 California cover songs!

Hi everyone, Lucas here! I recently put all of my acoustic covers of songs from blink-182’s new record ‘California’ into

Green Day – Revolution Radio | Acoustic Cover

Hey everyone! Be sure to watch my brand new acoustic cover of the new Green Day song ‘Revolution Radio’, the

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