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10506818_413376652154411_6373038246147792722_oFebruary 10th marked the first ever Modern Honesty show and it was damn fun to be playing music with my good friend Scotty again. The night before, I couldn’t have been more nervous for the show and hadn’t felt that way in a long time! Getting there we hit some road blocks and might have got a little lost but there were a lot of laughs and it sure as hell took my mind off of me potentially sucking. Despite my beloved guitar (Frankenstein) giving up on me mid-set, I’m really happy with how the whole thing went and look forward to playing Frome again soon. Must get that new guitar…
I’m spending most of my time now mixing our first EP before our next show (March 7th @ The Winchester Gate, Salisbury) and we will have a release date for the record pretty damn soon!
First gig of the year is done… Now let’s get this MH tour into action.

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