Runaway (Acoustic) #throwbackthursday

Runaway is a song off my 2nd EP, The ‘Needle & Thread’ EP. I’m bunged up and coughing from a lovely cold so couldn’t sing great today. Although, I found this video I recorded around the summer of last year as I didn’t want to miss an upload day so let’s call it a #throwbackthursday

When I’m back to singing I’ll post a brand new video!


Coffee (Acoustic)

So last year I released a record, called The ‘Needle & Thread’ EP. It contained within it, a song called ‘Coffee’. Coffee is a wonderful thing. I don’t care if it’s Tesco Value or served in a train station drinks booth priced at Β£15, I will consider the first coffee of the day a big ol’ cup of awesome. Anyway… here is me playing that song. You can hear the recorded version here:Β