I’m not so sure a musician’s bio has ever started off with a question. But I want to ask: Have you ever Google searched “How to write a band bio” before? Because I just did and in amongst some useful blogs and helpful tips… I am still wishing I had a publicist to write this.

I’d take that as a loose segue though; as like most tasks in my music career, I have a Do It Yourself drive and mentality. It’s very much something I picked up from growing up on a little island (the Isle Of Wight, you may have been there on holiday once) with a once tight & thriving music scene. We would book shows under our own promotions in venues owned by friends of friends, in tiny rehearsal spots or the local community centres; then design, print and distribute our flyers and add the thousands of friends online, we don’t actually know, to the shows. At the end of the night, when you pack up the gear and sell your last hand-made CD to the guy you see at every show, you feel a sense of achievement like no other.

This is likely why I still record my own music, design my artwork and push on every social media page possible to get people to hear my songs. A lot of people do this now and maybe it’s the same DIY work ethic, or… it saves a lot of money!

From playing in bands, I learnt a lot about different styles of music and ways of writing songs by working with so many great musicians. When I decided to work on my own solo songs under my name, Lucas Hardy, I was excited to just open the door to write whatever I wanted and have fun with music with no boundaries.

The new single Fall Apart, is a mixture of acoustic sounds inspired by artists like Damien Rice or Ed Sheehan. The full band build-up towards the end of the song had a more rock or anthemic inspired writing process, taking influence from bands like Coldplay or Foo Fighters.

Growing up on Pop Punk music gave me a really down to earth lyric writing basis and a lot of my music will be about real experiences I’ve had or am having. Although, the desire to experiment means some songs written for my upcoming album have new themes to talk about and different musical ensembles to play with.

In an ever changing landscape of media, YouTube has been a big focus for me recently. Using vlogging to document my experiences as an unsigned musician and with the intent of showing what it is like to be in my position and (hopefully!) the growth of my career into something bigger.

So, before I Google search: “How to end a band bio?” I’ll leave you with this…

I am Lucas Hardy, a singer-songwriter from the South of the UK, with a new single released and in the process of recording a full-length album, I will be releasing new music and playing shows around the country for the foreseeable future. If you’re interested, you can find me at a show, find it on YouTube or maybe read about it my next bio. Which, may or may not be written better… but it will be based on one thing: Having fun, being creative and enjoying my music life.