Goodbye 2015

My aim for this is not to ramble on too much and keep it to the point. I will fail at this. I am rambling now.

A lot of people do this end of year roundup and they are sometimes split down the middle of good and bad things. I will say, there has been some bad things but this year… The good absolutely overshadows that. I hope a lot of you have had a good year, it’s impossible to be 100% for it all but I hope you’re smiling when the countdown is up.

This year has been a big one for me. I have gainLucasw and gotten to know more of my family. That’s the biggest part of this year. It was topped from there and I couldn’t be happier about that. Thankful as fuck.

A fair amount went unreleased but I have never written and recorded as much music as I have this year. I worked with my friend Scotty again on our band Modern Honesty and we actually wrote some really cool shit. We were even lucky enough to play the Isle of Wight festival. Denim jackets never looked so good.

My first single was released at the tail end of the year and it was the first bit of my music to be on all the digital channels. I’m a huge user of Spotify, Apple Music etc. And it’s so cool seeing it up there. 1 play or 1000 plays, I’m glad I made that step.

I didn’t tour like I said I would. I played a lot of shows. Some awesome, some funny and some special. But I need to hit the road in the new year. I’d be a fool not to. In no way am I complaining about that and for a little while I did feel gutted I didn’t go on tour… But it’s silly to be like that. It’s better for me to just look ahead and GO ON TOUR!

So, I’d like to put a few 2016 goals down. I’m completely okay with the likelihood of failing a few (this extra weight is slowing me down… yeah yeah). But that’s what it’s all about right? Learning from the failure but revelling in the victories.

More music – I want to release a new EP and work with more musicians. I have been planning a music video with a buddy of mine for a while now. That will be done.

More YouTube Activity – I love posting covers, vlogs and dumb videos online. I’m going to do more.

Visiting friends and family more – Life is a crazy little thing. People move around, you can easily lose contact (even in this black mirrored world) and sure, you are still friends and still family but that time between see each other goes quickly. I need to fill in those gaps of time.

That’s it. I want to keep it simple. There are all the cliché resolutions and goals but we all know them already… I’m gonna do those as well but I wanted to be a little specific this year.

I rambled… Didn’t I…

Here’s to 2016 – Are you ready to kick it’s ass?



My 2015 Top 5 Records

I thought the best way to pick these 5 Albums/EPs/Records would be to just quickly write the list of the albums that pop into my head as they clearly have left a lasting impression on my year of new music. Looking at the list I realise (if you know me) that it would be easy to guess or predict it, but HEY that’s me, it’s what I like and that aint changing any time soon… Damn 😉

In no particular order:

Motion City Soundtrack – Panic Stations
I have three favourite bands. blink-182, Foo Fighters and the ever awesome Motion City Soundtrack. Now if you’ve heard Commit This To Memory then I’m just going to be preaching to the choir because who couldn’t like that record. For me it was a mega record because Mark Freakin’ Hoppus of the aforementioned blink-182 produced it. How could they top it? Oh, with Even If It Kills Me. An album I had on repeat, scratch that… STILL have on repeat today since it’s release. They are solid songwriters and have kept true to and perfected their sound. Panic Stations was a worry for me as the band lost an incredible drummer in Tony Thaxton; his drum parts are as catchy as the vocal hooks. They didn’t take the hit though, the album shines just like all their others and new drummer Claudio Rivera smashes it. Literally, I guess. There is an abundance of happiness in this record, and it really works.
Stand Out Track: Days Will Run Away

Mumford and Sons – Wilder Mind
I’m a big fan. I caught them live at Glastonbury’s 2010 Festival and are still one of the best live bands I have ever seen. Sure, a lot of people decided after a while that it was all Nickleback with a banjo. But I really like that. They obviously got that themselves because they dropped the Folk (and Banjo) and delivered a Rock album I REALLY enjoy.
Stand Out Track: The Wolf

Bring Me The Horizon – That’s the Spirit
Honestly, this is a band I never thought about putting in to a favourites list before. A couple of songs off their last record, Sempiternal, I enjoyed but the album didn’t grab me. That’s the Spirit though… It is such a fun record. Their keyboardist, Jordan Fish, is the best thing to happen to the band and the sales show that. BUT it’s not about the sales. The songs are so good, so fun, and it’s nice to be able to sing along to them. The first song I heard from the record was Throne. Yeah, instantly, I was like “How the fuck are Linkin Park staying so chill”, but time’s past, no one has been sued, continue enjoying said song.
Stand Out Track: Avalanche (I covered this song on my Facebook!)

Gabrielle Aplin – Light Up The Dark
Gabrielle’s previous album English Rain is hands down, one of my favourite records to listen to now. I grew up on Pop Punk but Acoustic music has my heart. Guess that’s why I play it myself, eh. I was late to the single releases and caught the second single Sweet Nothing when it was released. The album was sold to me on that one tune. It’s really cool to see an artist do something different and a nice shock to the system from the acoustic based songs that introduced me to her. I’m heading to Portsmouth Pyramids in February next year to see her play and I’m sure it’ll be awesome.
Stand Out Track: Sweet Nothing

Foo Fighters – Saint Cecilia EP
Made sure I titled this Top 5 Records so I could fit this EP in. I’m feeling smug and lucky to have two of my favourite bands release new music this year. Foo, for me, are one of those favourite bands/artists you have that could practically turd on a record and it’d sound like pure gold. One mans gold is another mans turd and vice versa, I guess. Can I coin that? But I feel I’ve listened to enough, played enough and written enough music to know if what I’m liking is good… I REALLY HOPE! It is, there are some really awesome parts in these songs. With all Foos records, when they go hard it’s just a glorious wall of rock sounds. I only hope one day I can shout as loud as Grohl.
Stand Out Track: The Neverending Sigh (RIFF!)

From Salisbury, with love.

As I write this from the ferry that is taking me home to the Isle of Wight, I thought I would make use of the poor WiFi and write something instead of trying to refresh my Instagram feed over and over… and over.

This blog starts on November 20th, the release of my single ‘Friends’. I realised after letting that song go out into the world that it is my first real single as everything prior to that were EPs. So… That’s kinda cool, right?

I’d like to thank everyone who got a CD, streamed it or checked out the lyric video on YouTube. If you haven’t heard the B-Side yet, please check it out on Spotify or Apple Music. It is honestly one of my favourite songs I’ve had the pleasure of working on.

It gets a little crazy from the single release. A day or two after it was out I acquired a kickass sore throat so had to cancel two of my shows. Preventive measures really as I quite like singing. I managed to kick it after a few days and had a great interview and first airplay of the single on Way Out Radio. A big thank you to Rossy Manning who always supports the music I make.

That same week I headed up to Salisbury for what turned out to be three and a half weeks worth of awesomenes. A day after getting there, the awesome sore throat I thought I had beaten actually turned into a crazy cool bout of the flu! A first for me and needless to say, I thought that was it… Farewell… Where is all this sweat coming from?

I digress.

It came days before a party my friends put together for me to celebrate so I just knocked back those cold and flu pills (recommended dose, of course), drank gallons of water and stayed in bed with my good pal Netflix until I was able to see straight and talk coherently. If you were wondering: I totally partied the moment I felt human again.

I’m sure most singers are psyched to get ill, days after a single release. A disaster but I got new music out and that was my aim for the end of this year.

The rest of my time in the lovely city of Salisbury was spent catching up with friends. But the city has always been kind to me, I was offered a couple of gigs during my stay (one with a great band called Four Colours) and I had an interview and played some songs with The City Sound, a new Salisbury radio station. It made up for my bed bound new single promotion rally prior to that.

Last weekend a bunch of pals got together for a massive Christmas dinner/party and it massively helped ease my Christmas shopping woes. I envy people that can choose the right gifts for other people!

Me and a friend of mine had planned to film a video for Friends but given the little bit of madness and distraction we plan on working in it come the new year. It’s coming. Honest! In this time I’m gonna do a lyric video for See You Around as I’m aware some of you have been unable to hear it yet.

Well! That’s it for now. I’m half way through my ferry journey so maybe I can refresh the timelines a little bit.

I want to write an end of year blog & film a vlog for after Christmas so look out for that.