Full Circle

Last night I got to play in my hometown (Wootton, Isle of Wight) for an event called Party In The Park. A fair few years ago, the same event was one of my first ever gigs I had with my first ever band. 11782311_674718185996594_5638365584905443536_oSince I had moved back home to the Isle of Wight last year, I jumped at the chance to be able to play the event again this year. It’s come a long way from a tent and some music, this year had a bunch of stalls, a couple of music tents and a nice little pop-up bar.

I played a couple of sets throughout the day. It was great as I played some songs live I don’t normally get to play anymore due to set times being a lot shorter on the club scene. A reworked version of Sail Faith made it into the set and I’m going to start playing it more at future shows as it was one of my first videos I released, I just recorded it in a silly key for my voice to play live!

In a true last minute wonder style, I decided to make some promotional CDs the night before the show. 11811530_10206257631052410_6023938559045783537_nIt’s not really a new EP or anything, but I titled it So Far, So Good as it’s a mix of my favourite tracks from my two EPs and my single release of Where I Belong. Not really something I’m gonna be selling on my BigCartel store, more of a hand-out at my upcoming shows while I continue writing for a new record. If anyone who can’t make it to any shows but would like one, just drop me an email and I’m sure I can sort one out for you!

My next gig will be in Salisbury next month as part of Glastonbelly, a local indoor festival with proceeds going towards The Trussell Trust. I’m super looking forward to it as I haven’t played the ol’ second-home city in ages. My band Modern Honesty will also be playing so it’s a really fun music fuelled weekend for me, so hope to see some Salisbury friends there.


I began working on a couple of YouTube videos this weekend that I’ll have to put on the backburner for a week or two as I travel about for Modern Honesty things next week. But I’ll use my laptop to film a new video or two for my channel. So, please Subscribe to get notified when I’ve put anything new up!

That’s about it for now so… speak soon!


It’s Been A While

It really has been a while since I updated my website. Finding a decent balance between using my YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and this is a tricky one. Who knows though, anyone could stumble on my music here so I will work on updating this blog more.

What an awesome couple months it has been! One of the coolest things that I’ve been up to recently, was playing at the Isle of Wight Festival with my Modern Honesty. IMG_6019 edited bandwIt was great to be back since I hadn’t played there since 2008… yeesh. It is a so much bigger than a few years ago too, relentless amounts of music to go see. There was a great little artist area, where I spent most of my time getting to know some new folk. They even had a poster of the year I played the main stage. So naturally, after a couple, I had to tell some people (cringe).tumblr_nq7dlv5A6e1qchdi7o1_1280 Modern Honesty got to play two nights there and it was the highlight of my year, so far!

The start of this month I played and impromptu set at a club on the Isle of Wight. It was a fun little show, apart from my recently repaired guitar going faulty again. 19350764436_f363935ea7_kThe good news is I now have an entire replacement axe and I can’t wait to start gigging it. It really is a beautiful guitar.

Without going on too much, that’s the main highlights of what’s been going on recently. I’ll be announcing a couple more shows this weekend as well as some Modern Honesty dates too!

Have a good one,