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by on October 27, 2015 in Music News Vlog

Have spent most of last week and all of the weekend working on the new single! I can now finally announce that it is called FRIENDS and it will be released on November 20th (that’s ten days before my birthday, incase you were wondering…)

This is the first song I’ve released since Where I Belong which, was released last November. So, I couldn’t let it be a whole year since I released a song! Modern Honesty has put out some music this year so I won’t go completely crazy for not releasing anything for so long.

I’m going to be doing this in the best way possible so I can make sure as many of you can hear it and are able to access it! This means I’ll be putting it on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Bandcamp and YouTube (I’ll be doing a music video for YouTube!), so hopefully you can get a listen! I haven’t decided if I’ll be doing pre-orders for the new single yet but I will be sure to let you know on my Vlogs and other social media spots.

As with my other vlogs, I descend into some random topics, like letting blink know if they need a new guitarist / singer for the band, if Matt Skiba gets tied up with Alkaline Trio for a bit, that I am totally and 100 percent available. Talents include, running on 2 hours sleep, drinking 30 cups of coffee and playing through the Enema of the State album without a pause. You know, it’s up there in my list of skills. Do you like my blink-182 shirt?

So! If you have my other EPs or have heard my other songs, I hope you like the new single! If you are new to my music, then: HELLO, I am Lucas, a Singer-Songwriter from the South of the UK and I’m about to release my new single FRIENDS on November 20th. See you all at the release party (most likely a whetherspoons or burger joint somewhere).


L x

Make sure to catch me playing The Black Sheep Bar (Ryde), Isle of Wight on October 30th with Signals. , Waves & Triami – Going to be an awesome show! All details here:

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