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Good Afternoon from a chilly day in Salisbury.
I am super excited to be letting you know that I have two new songs to release. One is a cover of ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ and the other is a new song called ‘Where I Belong’ and features a really talented musician called Lisa Eaton who is in the band Charming. The song is something I had been sitting on way before starting The ‘Needle & Thread’ EP and I just couldn’t crack it in time to record it. Her vocals and instrumentation brought new life to the song and I’m so glad to finally get to show it to you.
It’s my birthday on the 30th of November so what better day than to release one of these songs!
• Where I Belong will be released November 30th
• Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas will be released December 2nd
The songs will be free downloads on my SoundCloud page and you will be able to stream them on my YouTube channel too.
Artwork to follow later today and you can see it here, my Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!
Modern Honesty Update
Scotty and I finished writing and recording a new song last week and we are well on our way to having a new release before this year is through. I cannot wait, working with my best friend again has brought new life into my love of music.
You can follow all things Modern Honesty here:
Have a kickass weekend.
L x

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