Heaven's Well (Acoustic)
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Heaven’s Well is a song I wrote before I began the whole process of recording for my latest EP, The ‘Needle & Thread’ EP. It is WAY darker than my other songs and that is mainly because I wanted to try something totally new with my song-writing and try a sound that I don’t normally focus on and sing about some themes I, at times, could feel uncomfortable singing about.
The song can mean different things to different people so I won’t go into it too much on what it’s about, but I hope you enjoy it! I tend not to play this song live anymore due to it sticking out and you know, it can be a buzzkill… but I wanted to share it with you incase you hadn’t heard it with just voice and guitar and you wanted to hear a different side to my music!
You can hear the original here: https://youtu.be/XX-D41vcDZ0

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