Good start to the year.
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I’m aiming to update the blog at least once a month. I’m pretty consistent with Twitter & Facebook for updates on new music and videos so I’m always repeating myself on here with what I’ve been up to and what’s to come. That being said, I might actually write some blogs on different subjects (on music, of course) for my site exclusively. Writing is something I enjoy and so delving into other areas might be quite fun for me and for whoever is reading. You, I hope?
January has been kind. I saw in the New Year with some friends in the city of Salisbury. Midnight stuck and I was gawping out all the windows to catch as many firework displays as possible. I’m a sucker for fireworks. A lot of people are, I guess. Hard not to dig huge explosions of colour in the sky… Sucks for pets though, right? Keep it to the actual night for these things. I was hearing back-garden firework displays every other day between Guy Fawkes night and New Year! “This is why we can’t have nice things” applies here.
New music! That is the best thing I’ve done this month. I am in a position of happiness with the new songs, 4-5 of them. Ready for a new EP! I liked releasing the new single, ‘Friends’, but I want to give more! Especially now I can put this stuff on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes etc. Whatever I can do to make sure you can hear my songs is a massive help. Just want you to have some fun with them, dance, play them during your walk through the wasteland and Fallout 4, shoot some newbz on Battlefront. Whatever it takes to enjoy the songs.
First gig of the year went well. Becoming a thing for me to open for Metal bands, it’s really fun though. Nothing gets people pumped for a Metal show than crippling melancholy. AM I RIGHT!? I’m kidding, I love every gig I play. But I do mostly play crippling melancholy.
As I write this, I have just finished the instrumentation for THREE new covers. A little different approach to my normal, sit down with a guitar and sing, then upload. I want to try something new and challenge myself a bit. I’m still in this early stage of YouTube where I’ll put hours into a video and get 30 views. It’s disheartening but it is so satisfying to record, edit and create this little moving image and have 30 people see it. I might write a blog about perseverance. Keep at it. Keep loving what you do. Enjoy yourself. Something like that but it a few more words…
It’s nearing midnight, I’m pooped. Later.

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