From Salisbury, with love.
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As I write this from the ferry that is taking me home to the Isle of Wight, I thought I would make use of the poor WiFi and write something instead of trying to refresh my Instagram feed over and over… and over.
This blog starts on November 20th, the release of my single ‘Friends’. I realised after letting that song go out into the world that it is my first real single as everything prior to that were EPs. So… That’s kinda cool, right?
I’d like to thank everyone who got a CD, streamed it or checked out the lyric video on YouTube. If you haven’t heard the B-Side yet, please check it out on Spotify or Apple Music. It is honestly one of my favourite songs I’ve had the pleasure of working on.
It gets a little crazy from the single release. A day or two after it was out I acquired a kickass sore throat so had to cancel two of my shows. Preventive measures really as I quite like singing. I managed to kick it after a few days and had a great interview and first airplay of the single on Way Out Radio. A big thank you to Rossy Manning who always supports the music I make.
That same week I headed up to Salisbury for what turned out to be three and a half weeks worth of awesomenes. A day after getting there, the awesome sore throat I thought I had beaten actually turned into a crazy cool bout of the flu! A first for me and needless to say, I thought that was it… Farewell… Where is all this sweat coming from?
I digress.
It came days before a party my friends put together for me to celebrate so I just knocked back those cold and flu pills (recommended dose, of course), drank gallons of water and stayed in bed with my good pal Netflix until I was able to see straight and talk coherently. If you were wondering: I totally partied the moment I felt human again.
I’m sure most singers are psyched to get ill, days after a single release. A disaster but I got new music out and that was my aim for the end of this year.
The rest of my time in the lovely city of Salisbury was spent catching up with friends. But the city has always been kind to me, I was offered a couple of gigs during my stay (one with a great band called Four Colours) and I had an interview and played some songs with The City Sound, a new Salisbury radio station. It made up for my bed bound new single promotion rally prior to that.
Last weekend a bunch of pals got together for a massive Christmas dinner/party and it massively helped ease my Christmas shopping woes. I envy people that can choose the right gifts for other people!
Me and a friend of mine had planned to film a video for Friends but given the little bit of madness and distraction we plan on working in it come the new year. It’s coming. Honest! In this time I’m gonna do a lyric video for See You Around as I’m aware some of you have been unable to hear it yet.
Well! That’s it for now. I’m half way through my ferry journey so maybe I can refresh the timelines a little bit.
I want to write an end of year blog & film a vlog for after Christmas so look out for that.

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