FRIENDS Pre-Order is up now!
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Hi there,
I’ve been super busy (in a good way) recently with recording music and getting my new single ready for release, that I had neglected my ol’ blog for a bit there!
I’ll start from Halloween. My pumpkin that I bought to do a little carving video with had decided to give up by the Halloween weekend and turned into a very soft ball of sadness. It did make for a much funnier video so if you’d like to see the pumpkin’s demise then please… you can view that below.

As you can see, it wasn’t pleasant, but pretty funny nonetheless.
I went to a friends Halloween party and the dress-up theme was horror movie, TV etc. so I raked through my wardrobe and pieced together a Jack Torrance costume (The Shining). I finished it off with a cardboard and tin foil axe and a white door frame around my head. It was great for all of 15 minutes until I was unbearably hot and spent the rest of the night as a standard looking lumberjack (wow, such scare).
The rest of my time until has been spent recording a Foo Fighters cover and filming a little video to go with it. It’s a little different to my other covers, full instrumentation and a new style video to accompany it. Check it out on my YouTube and let me know what you think πŸ™‚
It is now TEN DAYS until my new single FRIENDS is released and last night I set up pre-orders for physical CDs, gonna be working on making those all week and prepping the final touches to the B-Side. I can’t wait to release it, it has been too long! It will also be my first song to hit iTunes, Spotify and more so if you have playlists on there, be sure to add the songs to it! πŸ™‚
Pre-Orders are available here:
All physical copies will come with handwritten lyric sheets, Handmade packaging, links to view an exclusive live video of FRIENDS and a handwritten ‘Thank You’ note.
Includes the B-Side, ‘See You Around’
The artwork is riiiiiight here!
Friends Digi Art smaller
So that’s about it for this one, hope you have a sweet little week.
L x

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