Blood, Sweat & Tears (Studio Acoustic)
Paramore – Told You So (Acoustic Cover)

Hey everyone! This is my new acoustic cover of Paramore’s new song Told You So! The song is off their

Paramore – Hard Times (acoustic cover)

I am SO BAD at updating my blog… I do vlog… maybe I should do accompanying posts to go with

My new single! Fall Apart

I have been wanting to release new music for absolutely ages and now I am so happy to be able

Fall Apart (Official Video)
I'm a huge blink-182 fan

It’s no secret that I am a huge blink-182 fan and so a lot of my recent covers on my

Green Day – Still Breathing

I post a regular covers on YouTube now. I really enjoy trying out new arrangements or keys or ways of playing

Twenty One Pilots – Acoustic Covers

Hi everyone, Lucas here! I’ve put all my Twenty One Pilots covers into a YouTube playlist for you to check

Pop Punk Goes Acoustic!

Hey everyone, Lucas here! I am a huge pop-punk fan so naturally I have a fair few acoustic covers of

Green Day – Acoustic Covers

Hey everyone, Lucas here! I have a few Green Day covers I’d like to share with you! 🙂 I’ve put

blink-182 California cover songs!

Hi everyone, Lucas here! I recently put all of my acoustic covers of songs from blink-182’s new record ‘California’ into

Green Day – Revolution Radio | Acoustic Cover

Hey everyone! Be sure to watch my brand new acoustic cover of the new Green Day song ‘Revolution Radio’, the

Watch "Green Day – Bang Bang | Acoustic Cover" on YouTube
5 Minute Song Challenge | Have Heart

I’ve been meaning to do another of these write a song in five minute challenges for a while now! Hope

I've been vlogging more!

Hi all, Lucas here! Recently, I’ve started taking my camera out and about with my filming some of the stuff

Coffee (Live at St. Thomas Church)
my 30th cover video!

Hey! So on Sunday I released my 30th cover song video! New Found Glory – My Friends Over You Hope


In January, a month before I lost my Mum she sent me this picture and wrote, “See, you still have

Two New Cover Videos!

Hi all! I recently uploaded two new cover videos to my YouTube channel! Hope you enjoy them 🙂

New Cover video for The Student Pocket Guide

I recorded and filmed and exclusive cover video for The Student Pocket Guide last week! You can check it out

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